Welcome Note

It is our privilege and special pleasure to invite you to the 14th Congress of the International Society for Experimental Microsurgery (ISEM) that will be held in Debrecen, Hungary on 23 - 25 August, 2018.

Privilege, because the worldwide activity of the ISEM  always inspires the microsurgical education and research. ISEM Congresses give opportunities to learn new methods, to re-warm existing cooperation and establish new ones, also enforcing the conversation between senior and junior clinicians and scientist who are engaged with microsurgery. And special pleasure, recalling the nice memories of the 2004 ISEM Congress that was held in Debrecen as well, and the exceptional coincidence with the celebration of the Centenary of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Debrecen at the beginning of the 2018/2019 academic year.

It will be pleasure and honor to welcome our invited lecturers and keynote speakers from Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Romania, Sweden and the USA, and participants expectedly even from more countries.

During the congress the Sun Lee Award ceremony will be held, and encouraging the young researchers, we are happy to announce again the Robert Zhong Award.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Debrecen to enjoy the Congress and the Hungarian hospitality.

With our kindest regards,

Norbert Nemeth MD, PhD​
President of the Congress
Past-president of the ISEM
Mihai Ionac MD, PhD​
President of the ISEM

Past Congresses

Rome, Italy (1992); Kanazawa, Japan (1994); Wuerzburg, Germany (1996); London/Ontario, Canada (1998); Catania, Italy (2000); San Diego, USA (2002); Debrecen, Hungary (2004); Montreal, Canada (2006); Shanghai, People’s Republic of China (2008); Sao Paulo, Brazil (2010); Timisoara, Romania (2012); Kyoto, Japan (2014); Tianjin, China (2016)

General Information

Congress President

Norbert Nemeth MD, PhD

Honorary Congress Presidents

Iren Miko MD, PhD
Istvan Furka MD, PhD

Local Organizing Committee

Adam Deak, DVM, PhD
Andrea Furka, MD, PhD
Souleiman Ghanem, MD
​Timea Hever MD, PhD
Zoltan Klarik MD, PhD

Tamas Lesznyak, MD
Abel Molnar MD
Katalin Peto, MD, PhD

Balazs Szabo, MD
Robert Tamas, MD
Adrienne Toth-Martinez, MD
Gabor Varga, MD

International Scientific Committee

Yelena Akelina, DVM, PhD (USA)
Michael Axelsson, PhD (Sweden)
Francesco Boccardo, MD, PhD, (Italy)
Corradino Campisi, MD, PhD (Italy)
Corrado C. Campisi, MD (Italy)
Antonio Di Cataldo, MD, PhD (Italy)
Huifang Chen, MD, PhD (Canada)
Zoltan Czigany, MD, PhD (Germany)
Andrea Ferencz MD, PhD (Hungary)
Flavio Galvao, MD, PhD (Brazil)
Heinz-Jochen Gassel, MD, PhD (Germany)

Robert M. Hoffman, MD, PhD (USA)
Mihai Ionac, MD, PhD (Romania)
Eiji Kobayashi, MD, PhD (Japan)
Wei Li, MD, PhD (China)
Edna F.S. Montero, MD, PhD (Brazil)
Atsunori Nakao, MD, PhD (Japan)
Alexandru Nistor, MD (Romania)
Masumi Nozawa, MD, PhD (Japan)
Mihai Oltean, MD, PhD, (Sweden)
Stefano Puleo, MD, PhD (Italy)
Shiguang Qian, MD, PhD (USA)

Murched O. Taha, MD, PhD (Brazil)
Yinghua Tian, MD, PhD (Switzerland)
René H. Tolba MD, PhD (Germany)
​Lijun Song, MD, PhD (Canada)
Andrea Szabo MD, PhD (Hungary)
Shinji Uemoto, MD, PhD (Japan)
Hao Wang, MD, PhD (China)
Shintaro Yagi, MD, PhD (Japan)
Feng Zhang, MD, PhD (USA)
Zheng Jenny Zhang MD, PhD (USA)
Shuang-Bai Zhou, MD, PhD (China) 

The Board of the Society (2016-2018)

Sun Lee, MD (USA)

Mihai Ionac, MD, PhD (Romania)

Francesco Boccardo, MD, PhD, (Italy)

Mihai Oltean, MD, PhD, (Sweden)

Corresponding Secretary:
Hao Wang, MD, PhD (China)

Zheng Jenny Zhang MD, PhD (USA)

Past Presidents

Masumi Nozawa, MD (Japan), Honorary President
Amulf Thiede, MD (Germany)
Giuseppe Mazzoni, MD (USA)
Teruho Kajimoto, MD (Japan)
Robert Zhong, MD, PhD (Canada)

Antonio Di Cataldo, MD, PhD (Italy)
Shiguang Qian, MD, PhD (USA)
Heinz-Jochen Gassel, MD, PhD (Germany)
Corradino Campisi, MD, PhD (Italy)

Eiji Kobayashi, MD, PhD (Japan)
Edna F.S. Montero, MD, PhD (Brazil)
Huifang Chen, MD, PhD (Canada)
Norbert Nemeth, MD, PhD (Hungary)


Yelena Akelina, DVM, PhD (USA)
Michael Axelsson, PhD (Sweden)
Corrado C. Campisi, MD (Italy)
Zoltan Czigany, MD (Germany)
Gert Engelbrecht (South Africa)
Istvan Furka, MD, PhD (Hungary)
Flavio Galvao, MD, PhD (Brazil)
Toshinori Ito, MD (Japan)

Raffaele Lanteri, MD (Italy)
Wei Li, MD, PhD (China)
Iren Miko, MD, PhD (Hungary)
Atsunori Nakao, MD, PhD (Japan)
Alexandru Nistor, MD (Romania)
Stefano Puleo, MD, PhD (Italy)
Murched O. Taha, MD, PhD (Brazil)
Yinghua Tian, MD, PhD (Switzerland)

René H. Tolba MD, PhD (Germany)
Shinji Uemoto, MD, PhD (Japan)
Jianguang Xu, MD, PhD (China)
Wendong Xu, MD, PhD (China)
Shintaro Yagi, MD, PhD (Japan)
Jin H. Yoon, MD (Korea)
Feng Zhang, MD, PhD (USA)
Shuang-Bai Zhou, MD, PhD (China) 

ISEM Scientific Committee

President: Huifang Chen (Canada)
Francesco Boccardo (Italy)
Corradino Campisi (Italy)

Istvan Furka (Hungary)
Iren Miko (Hungary)
Shiguang Qian (USA)

Shinji Uemoto (Japan)
Hao Wang (China)
Feng Zhang (USA) 

ISEM Educational Committee

President: Antonio Di Cataldo (Italy)
Yelena Akelina (USA)
Michael Axelsson (Sweden)
Mihai Ionac (Romania)

Eiji Kobayashi (Japan)
Edna F. S. Montero (Brazil)
Norbert Nemeth (Hungary)

Mihai Oltean (Sweden)
Stefano Puleo (Italy)
Rene H. Tolba (Germany) 

Congress venue

Kölcsey Centre
Debrecen, Bethlen u., 4026 Hungary



CAR: Individual transfer is available between Budapest, Debrecen. In case of shuttle bus transfer, please turn to

TRAIN: There are couple of direct train lines in between Budapest Debrecen. The route appr. takes 2-3,5 hours depending on the route. The average ticket for one way Is around 3500-4000 HUF (appr. 15 EUR/travel)

Preliminary Program

Main topics

  • Transplantation models: new techniques and innovations
  • Transplantation immunology
  • Microsurgical education
  • Advanced microsurgery tools, robotic microsurgery
  • Translational research and microsurgery
  • Stem cell and tissue/organ fabrication
  • Lymphatic microsurgery
  • Reconstructive microsurgery
  • Microsurgical models in oncological research
  • Microsurgery in zoo-biological and veterinary research

Thursday  |  23 August, 2018




Opening Ceremony


Sun Lee Award Session
Awardees: István Furka, Mihai Ionac


Plenary Session with invited Lecturers
​Robert M. Hoffman, Jesse C. Selber (USA)


Welcome reception

Friday  |  24 August, 2018


Session I
(Lecture and free communications)


Coffee break


Session II
(Lecture and free communications)


Lunch time
ISEM Board Meeting


Session III (parallel session)
(Lecture and free communications)


Session IV (parallel session)
Lecture and free communications)


Session V
(Lecture and free communications)


ISEM General Assembly


Gala Dinner

Saturay  |  25 August, 2018


Session VI
(Lecture and free communications)


Coffee break


Session VII
(Lecture and free communications)


Closing Ceremony
Announcement of the ISEM 2020 Congress


Post-congress Tour to Tokaj or Eger

Registration and Accomodation

Registration fees per person ​(prices include 27% VAT)

Registration fees from International Participants / member*:​EUR 250EUR 350
Registration fees from International Participants / non-member:EUR 350EUR 450
Registration fees from International Participants / nurse, trainee, accompanying person:EUR 90EUR 120

* Paid registration fee is needed at least for 2017 and 2018, and confirmed by the 
Treasurer of the ISEM. Information about membership fee payment methods is available at: http://www.isem.unideb.hu/payment_methods.htm

Registration fees cover the following services: name badge, congress bag, access to all scientific programs of Congress, program and abstract book, opening reception,  CME Credit, lunches on Friday, Saturday, coffee and soft drink.

Registration fee for nurse, trainee, accompanying person: name badge, access to all scientific programs of Congress, opening reception, English speaking guided sight-seeing tour on Thursday.

Accomodation (Optional services, doesn’t part of the package)

Hotel Lycium**** - congress venue
Hungary – 4032 Debrecen, Nagyerdei park 1.
Phone: +36 52 506 600, Fax: +36 52 506 601
E-mail: hotel@hotellycium.hu, www.hotellycium.hu
GPS coordinates: Latitude: 47.534736°, Longitude: 21.621896°

Single room with breakfast:75 EUR/room/night
Double room with breakfast:85 EUR/room/night

Hotel Lycium**** is a real city centre hotel located in the building complex of the Kölcsey Centre, near the main Square of Debrecen and the Reformed Great Church. The hotel offers 87 air conditioned double rooms equipped in a sophisticated way and 4 apartments to its Guests with an overall capacity of 190 guests. Ensuring the 21st century state-of-the-art technical background, with 16 conference rooms, the Hotel Lycium**** and the Kölcsey Centre are awaiting their guests arriving for the events.

The wellness department is equipped with state-of-the-art fitness machines, Jacuzzis, familial saunas, swimming pool, solarium and infra sauna.

Hotel services:

  • 24 hours a day reception,
  • 50 parking places in the underground parking garage of the Kölcsey Centre,
  • bus parking place,
  • room service and bellboy.
  • The laundry service, the luggage room, the business corner, the various massage treatments all serve the comfort of hotel Guests.

On the day of arrival, our guests can book their rooms from 2:00 PM. Of course, in case of earlier arrival, if our free room capacity makes it possible, the hotel ensures a room or luggage room.In case of departure, the guests shall leave their rooms until 10 AM at the latest. 

Payment, cancellation, refund

To guarantee any accommodation and registration the payment of your full stay and your registration fee are required. In case of any cancellation up to June 30, 2018, costs will be refunded less 50 EUR for administration costs. After this date payments cannot be refunded under any circumstances. In case of late cancellations (after June 30, 2018) rooms cancelled, cancelled nights, or in case of no show, we keep the right to charge the full stay, in case if the hotel room cannot be re-sold.

Social Programs

The organizers have prepared an exciting social program for congress participants! 
We look forward to welcoming you in the magnificent city of Debrecen and spend a great time together!

Banquet Dinner

The Annual Dinner is going to take place on Friday, August 24, 2018
Date: Friday, August 24, 2018: 20.00-23.30
Departure: from Congress Venue
Departure time: 19:00

Venue: TUBA Tanya
Address: 4064 Nagyhegyes, Kinizsi utca 133/18 hrsz.

Price before 10.03.2018: EUR 60
Price after 10.03.2018: EUR 70


Guided sightseeing tour in Debrecen

Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018: 14.30-16.00
Departure: from Congress Venue
Departure time: 14:30

Price before 10.03.2018: EUR 30
Price after 10.03.2018: EUR 40

Post-congress tour to EGER

Date: Saturday, August 25, 2018: 14.30-20.30
Departure: from Congress Venue
Departure time: 14:30

Price before 10.03.2018: EUR 90
Price after 10.03.2018: EUR 100

About Debrecen

About Hungary

Hungary is situated in Central Europe at approximately an equal distance from the Equator and the North Pole. The country occupies a territory of about 93,000 square kilometers and there are about ten million people living here. There are nineteen counties. Our country can be divided into three large regions: Transdanubia, the Great Plain and Northern Hungary. The Transdanubian part is mainly hilly with the exception of the northern region, which is called the Small Plain. The soil is exceptionally good there for crops and vegetables. A similar area is a Great Plain, where most of Hungary’s crops are grown. Northern Hungary is fairly mountainous and the country’s highest peak can also be found there. Hungary belongs to the drainage system of Europe’s second largest river, the Danube. The Tisza is another long river and Lake Balaton is the second largest freshwater lake in Central and Western Europe.


  • Alföld, the Great Hungarian Plain
  • Transdanubia:
    • Western Hungary (Kisalföld, the Little Hungarian Plain )
    • Southern Transdanubia
    • Central Transdanubia and Lake Balaton
  • Northern Hungary

On the north Hungary is bordered by the Czech and Slovak Republic, on the north-east by the Ukraine, on the east Romania, on the south by Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia while on the west the country borders on Austria. The official language of Hungary is Hungarian, but quite a few other languages are spoken as native languages by the several ethnic minorities living near the country’s borders. These are German and the Slavonic language spoken in the countries around us.

The Hungarian Republic was proclaimed on (the) 23rd (of) October, (in) 1989. Soon afterwards the ruling (then the only) party split up and new parties were formed. In the parliamentary elections held in March and April 1990, six parties received enough votes to be represented in Parliament. The president of the most successful party, the Hungarian Democratic Forum (MDF) formed a coalition government in May 1990. This meant the end of a forty-year-long totalitarian system in Hungary and pullout of the Soviet troops. People began to feel free as they realised that their minds were no longer manipulated centrally and they were allowed to join any political party or movement they sympathised with.

Tourism also plays an important role in our economy as millions of tourists come to Hungary from year to year. I think one reason for so many tourists coming to our country is the hospitality of the Hungarians. Besides, the Carpathian Basin is at cross-roads for the traveller from north to south, from east to west. Hungary also has various tourist attractions. Visitors can enjoy the wonderful sights of Budapest, relax on one of the numerous beaches of Lake Balaton, go and see the lovely Hungarian villages where traditions of folk art are preserved and treasured or visit some of the smaller but beautiful towns like Veszprém, Kőszeg, Eger or Szentendre. The can go for outings to the romantic ‘Puszta’, the Great Hungarian Plain, where they can see the famous Hungarian stud farms. Hungary has a lively cultural life. The most popular cultural events attended by a lot of tourists seem to be the open-air summer festivals held in different towns, such as the Szeged Open-air Festival, the Sopron Festival Weeks, the Szentendre Summer or the Veszprém Castle Concerts while in spring the greatest event is the Budapest Spring Festival. Apart from festivals, the Opera House, concert halls, open-air theatres and museums are also visited by a lot of tourists who are genuinely interested in the cultural life of the country.


Debrecen is Hungary’s second largest city with a population of 210,000. The original meaning of its name (“let it live and move”) is testament to the city’s dynamic present-day development. Thanks to its religious, political, and economic power, historic Debrecen got to assume a quasi-city-state status and it has served twice as the nation’s capital. The modern city is Eastern Hungary’s most important commercial and administrative center, which has displayed an unbroken path of spectacular development in all walks of life. Debrecen’s international airport provides direct links to several major European destinations and it is a mere two-hour drive from the capital, Budapest.
What do you need to enjoy life in a 21st-century city? Attractive sights to see, modern shopping malls, exciting cultural and sporting events, for sure. But you also need activities that offer holiday experiences without compromise. Debrecen is by no means lacking in activities of this kind. Trendy cafés and bistros are proliferating, the popularity of street food is on the rise, countless cozy terraces and other special venues are getting ready to take visitors. Your leisurely stroll in downtown Debrecen – dubbed “promenade” by locals – will be punctuated by shady green piazzas and refreshing fountains. The slightly eclectic arrangement of architectural styles as well as the streets and alleys, each hiding its very own story, will set up an enchanting atmosphere. And another important thing – thanks to Debrecen’s highly developed public transport, the network of bus and tram lines, visitors can reach all tourist spots in the city in a comfortable and easy way.

We hope that browsing our website you will take a fancy to Debrecen and the website will help you plan your stay.

See you soon in Debrecen

More information: https://www.debrecen.hu/en/tourist/